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My black line and dotwork triceratops skull tattoo by Holly Ensey at Rose Red Tattoo in Ellicott

104 thoughts on "Triceratops Skull Tattoo" Emilyon June 11, 2007 at 2:52 pmsaid: THAT IS SO AWESOME. i've been trying to think of something cool to get for paleontology… perhaps a trilobite 😛 nothing nearly as baddass as a triceratops skull chestpiece zomg! Emilyon June 11, 2007 at 2:52 pmsaid: THAT IS SO AWESOME.

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The T Rex skull tattoo has become pretty commonplace. On the other hand, with more fossil discoveries, people have become more aware of the existence of other equally unique species. For instance, this Triceratops skull tattoo speaks volumes about the bone structure of the species.

Floral Trex Skull. Loved dinosaurs ever since I was a little girl and the Trex was always my

Triceratops carries the meaning of: 💪 Protection and strength 😤 Resilience 🌿 Connection to nature Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas I want you to imagine that this is our starting point for your journey into the world of dinosaur-themed ink.


The skin of the T-rex is tattooed to perfection. And it almost feels like you can see the muscles and veins. The triangle works like an Anywhere Door. Because of how real it looks, it makes you wonder whether the dinosaur will jump out the next second. T-rex and ballon foot tattoo @ikarus.abendwind

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Most of the dinosaur tattoo designs have no meanings, i.e., Triceratops & Brachiosaurus. So, just a dinosaur itself, without any other element, is the right choice for your next tattoo. Related: Fox Tattoo Designs with Meanings Dinosaur tattoo ideas Traditional Dinosaur Tattoo

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2. Alien Spaceship Dinosaur Tattoo Designs The stunning alien spaceship dinosaur tattoo design is perfect for space lovers, explorers, and mavericks. Credit: grim.studios 3. Colorful Triceratops Dinosaur Tattoo Designs One of the best things about colorful triceratops dinosaur tattoos is they can be very versatile.

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1. Angry Triceratops Tattoo This fierce design captures the intense power and aggression of the iconic dinosaur. With its raised frill, sharp horns, and piercing gaze, this tattoo symbolizes strength, dominance, and the untamed spirit of the prehistoric world.

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Dinosaur Skull Tattoo. @luke.vella.obsidian. @tattoo_artist_wannabe. @isointuink. The dinosaur skull tattoo is a tattoo that you can get if you want to appear bold and daring. Similar to the increasing popularity of the skull tattoo, the dinosaur skull tattoo also has become quite popular among tattoo enthusiasts and paleontology enthusiasts.

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The last land dinosaur species to go extinct was the triceratops. Triceratops were herbivores and had thick skin. They also roamed in groups, which was the reason for them to survive till the end. Among other animals, birds and flying Dinosaurs like Pterodactyl also survived till the end.

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This trail goes around Hakkemosen, which offers a rich birdlife. Here both ducks and other birds can be seen. The lake is also partly covered by forestry nature, as forest borders down to the shore of the lake. The trail also offers open grass areas that can be used recreationally. There will be an open space with a fire pit along the way. The trail also passes the troll Teddy Venlig.

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This Triceratops dinosaur tattoo looks absolutely chic and flaunt-worthy. You are going to love this unique style of dinosaur tattoo right from the moment you get inked. This kind of dinosaur tattoo will look the best on your wrist or your ankle. This line tattoo looks sleek yet elegant.

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This trail starts in Tåstrup at Selsmosen, and goes out to Lake Tueholm and Lake Vallensbæk. In the area by Tueholm and Vallensbæk lake, here one of the six giants that are located around the capital area can be found. There are good opportunities to see ducks and other birds at the lakes, therefore it is encouraged to bring binoculars if interested in birds. The trail also passes through.

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tattrx on Instagram “Triceratops skull (c) bartekwojda Katowice Poland” Dinosaur tattoos

Try a Temporary Tattoo Dinosaur tattoos are a very uncommon tattoo design. Dinosaur tattoos are the symbol of worldly strength. This is because they were very big and therefore associated with power. In this dinosaur body art, the tattooist has used the entire arm to create this art. On the upper arm area, the tattoo artist has inked a Pteranodon.

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Dinosaur egg tattoo. Dinosaur egg tattoo is a tattoo which shows the birth of a dinosaur from a giant egg. It is mostly made with the head and the paws out of the egg and the shell almost completely broken. This is a tattoo which often has a deeper meaning to its bearer. It shows his ability to overcome a big life trauma and be born again.

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The tattoo will have a prominently located, highly detailed triceratops skull. The skull should embody the spirit of the ancient beast by being imposing and aggressive. The eye sockets ought to exude mystery and depth. The monstera deliciosa plant's beautiful, heart-shaped leaves will protrude from behind and around the skull.