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Release Calendar Top 250 Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Movie News India Movie Spotlight.. of the kidnapping of 16-year-old John Paul Getty III and the desperate attempt by his devoted mother to convince his billionaire grandfather Jean Paul Getty to pay the ransom. Director: Ridley Scott.

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Top 10 Best TV Shows and Movies about Billionaires. 10. Billions (2016-Present) As the name of the show suggests, Billions is about people with enormous piles of cash. With an a-list cast that includes Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis, Billions is actually more about power and ambition than it is about money.

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72 Metascore. When a sadistic serial killer begins murdering key political figures in Gotham, Batman is forced to investigate the city's hidden corruption and question his family's involvement. Director: Matt Reeves | Stars: Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright, Colin Farrell. Votes: 760,074 | Gross: $369.35M.

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Movies About Billionaires: Exploring Wealth, Power, and Excess. Introduction: Movies have always been a great medium for escapism, allowing us to temporarily step into the lives of others and experience their triumphs, struggles, and adventures. One particular fascination that has captivated audiences for decades is the world of billionaires.

Billions (TV Series 2016 ) Posters — The Movie Database (TMDB)

Top movies about rich people In this compilation, we explore the 20 best movies that delve into the realm of super-rich people, highlighting their stories, trials, and triumphs. A Cinematic Journey Through Opulence: The 20 Best Movies About Billionaires 20. Marie Antoinette. Director: Sofia Coppola. Writer: Sofia Coppola

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Many movies about billionaires are inspired by real-life individuals, such as Howard Hughes (The Aviator, 2004) and John du Pont (Foxcatcher, 2014). 4. The pursuit of wealth and the consequences of extreme affluence are recurring themes in movies about billionaires, reflecting society's fascination with money and power. 5. Some movies explore.

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4 6 Underground. Netflix. 6 Underground is about a billionaire and philanthropist named Magnet S. Johnson. He gets tired of seeing the horrors of a brutal regime without doing anything about it.

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List of the best movies about billionaires selected by visitors to our site: Margin Call, Fifty Shades of Grey, Rich in Love, Under the Silver Lake, Greed, Beatriz at Dinner, The Bucket List, The Billionaire, The Wolverine, Tycoon. In the top there are new films of 2022, a plot description and trailers for films that have already been released.

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The best rich people movies are generally about Billionaires who can usually buy whatever they want, whenever they want. While that dream might not be attainable in real life, it's certainly fun to watch in the movies. The best movies with rich people, spending big, feature characters having a great time with their rich lifestyle - and often.

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Forrest Gump (1994) ★★★★. ★★★★. 3.5 out of 4 stars. From Robert Zemeckis, starring Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise, Sally Field. Rated PG-13. Forrest Gump is a 1994 American comedy-drama film directed by Robert Zemeckis. The film stars Tom Hanks as the titular character, a slow-witted but kind-hearted man from Alabama who.

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A writer and wall street trader, Nick Carraway, finds himself drawn to the past and lifestyle of his mysterious millionaire neighbor, Jay Gatsby, amid the riotous parties of the Jazz Age. Director: Baz Luhrmann | Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton, Tobey Maguire. Votes: 586,470 | Gross: $144.84M.

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The party scenes in Babylon are a match even for The Great Gatsby—grand displays of wealth, greed, consumerism, and carelessness, with drunks, lovers, and movie stars lost in a frenzy of champagne and glitter.. The 1920s was a decade all about excess. The boom before the bust. Damien Chazelle's epic black-comedy rolls out like one long bacchanal, with a sweaty and drug-fueled Margot Robbie.

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The Silence of the Lambs (1991), All Good Things (2010), Indecent Proposal (1994), and The Devil's Advocate (1997) Buy Now The Silence of the Lambs, $7.97. Buy Now All Good Things, $9.99.

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Charles Foster Kane - Citizen Kane. Based on William Randolph Hearst, Charles Kane made his fortune by publishing newspapers. His fall from grace is epic and part of the reason why Citizen Kane is still considered one of the greatest films ever made. Rosebud, y'all. Bill Gates - South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut.

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Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, from his rise to a wealthy stock-broker living the high life to his fall involving crime, corruption and the federal government. Director: Martin Scorsese | Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie, Matthew McConaughey. Votes: 1,547,768 | Gross: $116.90M.